About Us

So what makes Storybook Encounters so special?

Storybook Encounters was created by two high school homeschoolers that both have a passion for princesses. Best friends since they were two years old, Storybook Encounters co-owners and character performers SarahGrace and Caroline use their pursuit of excellence to create magical princess parties. Their love of princesses has only increased with age, and their passion is fully evident through the believable performances they deliver. Each character they portray is backed by hours of research and character study to help produce the most believable and professional performance.

Because Caroline and SarahGrace attend nearly every event booked with Storybook Encounters, you receive a high quality performance that’s hard to find anywhere else. Together, the girls make a strong team, and have attended over 100 parties and events since Storybook Encounters began in 2014. Caroline and SarahGrace believe that their efforts produce magical moments that little princesses (and princes) will never forget.


Our purpose:

Storybook Encounters seeks to provide magical and believable entertainment for events and parties in the comfort of your own party venue of choice in the Charleston area.

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Photography generously provided by John Locklair at Studio7Designworks.com