About SarahGrace

IMG_2532SarahGrace is the primary performer behind the Animal Fairy, Princess Belle, the Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, and the Snow Princess.

SarahGrace has been best friends with Caroline since they were two years old. They spent hours playing dress-up and princesses together and over the years, SarahGrace’s love of all things princess has only grown. SarahGrace loves to sew, and makes most of her own costumes and accessories. SarahGrace made her first costume, Princess Belle’s Village gown, as part of a collaboration with Caroline for balloon twisting at East Cooper Baptist Church’s Fall Festival, and it was there that she first discovered her love of princess performing.

IMG_0266As the oldest sister to four younger princes and princesses, SarahGrace’s experience with children adds extra magic to Storybook Encounters. She understands young princesses of all ages and loves connecting with them in ways that help make each experience with our characters as magical as possible.

SarahGrace has been part of Grace Notes homeschool choir for nine years, and her beautiful voice adds extra magic to the characters she portrays. She also plays the flute and piano and has been teaching piano lessons to young students for five years. With Caroline, SarahGrace has assisted in leading worship and teaching music at ECBC’s Vacation Bible School for six years. Though she is not currently dancing, SarahGrace took dance classes for about eight years. During the summer of 2014, she directed a week long princess dance camp where she taught the 3-5 year old class classical ballet lessons and music appreciation.

After she graduates high school, SarahGrace is considering pursuing a degree in education. Alongside Caroline, SarahGrace plans on interning at Walt Disney World as a part of the Disney College program.

SarahGrace also enjoys painting, working on her latest novel, babysitting, and reading her Bible. She loves Jesus with all her heart and is always extremely excited to share the good news of His salvation! When she’s not studying, practicing music, or sewing costumes for herself and her siblings, you can usually find SarahGrace watching princess movies or playing with her puppy, Tinker Bell.