About Dakota

Dakota is the performer behind the adventurous Captain Rogers. He has been training in Shotokan Karate at Agape Do Karate since he was three years old, and earned his black belt at the age of eight. As a black belt, Dakota has assisted in teaching karate to students both young and old for seven years, and is very experienced in teaching and leading kids.

In January of 2015, Dakota was offered a contract with Studio Ninety Two, a modeling and acting agency. A longtime comic book fan, Dakota was an obvious choice to play the part of Captain Rogers. His depth of knowledge about his character adds an additional dimension to his performance.

When he isn’t assisting in the dojo, you can probably find Dakota writing songs on his guitar, or drawing one of his favorite superhero characters. After he graduates high school, Dakota is considering pursuing a degree in engineering or animation. He hopes to demonstrate the love of Christ his Savior to everyone he meets.