About Caroline


Caroline is the primary performer behind The Scottish Princess, Cinderella, The Tinker Fairy, The Snow Queen, Alice in Wonderland, and The Little Mermaid.

Caroline has been best friends with co-owner SarahGrace since they were only two years old, and their love of dress up and princesses has remained strong throughout the years. Caroline makes all of her own costumes, and made her first costume, Alice in Wonderland, as part of a collaboration with SarahGrace for balloon twisting at a Fall Festival. It was there that she first discovered her love of princess performing, and her Alice in Wonderland costume later earned her a “Best in Show” award in her first costume contest.

Caroline has been singing to the radio alongside her dad for as long as she can remember and has been a part of Grace Notes homeschool choir for six years. She also plays the clarinet in the ECBC orchestra, and has assisted in teaching music at ECBC’s Vacation Bible School with SarahGrace for six years.

After she graduates high school, Caroline is pursuing a degree in business management with a possible minor in theatre. Alongside SarahGrace, she plans on interning at Walt Disney World as a part of their College Program, and perhaps a career with the Walt Disney Company in the future.

When she is not studying or sewing (she is most likely doing one of those two things), you can probably find Caroline watching princess movies or Star Wars (she is a very passionate Star Wars fangirl). She also writes for her blog, Apprentice of the Chosen One, where she chronicles her sewing adventures. She loves the Lord Jesus with all her heart, and hopes that her commitment to do everything for His glory radiates through her performances.